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Commercial Advertisement

Shooting advertisements for companies which trade in abroad.Cameras or equipments using in advertisements are designed for the best shooting quality (HD).Government supported advertisements have advantages in an economic way for companies.Moreover,in some sectors costs of ads almost nonexisting.

Medical Tourism

Turkey s hospitals, polyclinics and individual clinics have become increasingly attractive for modern Europe after the Middle East and Africa. In many fields including dental, aesthetic surgery and hair transplantation,Turkey is the centre of attraction.
As the Euro 90 channel, we also perform promotions in the health sector in order to contribute to your company and to Turkey. Especially shooting, screenplay software and applications will be offered to our health institutions free of charge.

Educational Tourism

The universities in Turkey contribute to the national economy significantly with the increase of foundation universities. It is one of the goals of our country to increase the number of foreign students, which are currently around 110,000, to 250,000 by 2023. Government incentives are also available.
As the Euro 90 channel, it puts its signature to perform promotions in the education sector.In particular, filming, screenplay software and applications will be offered to our educational institutions and universities free of charge.


UDEF comes from a 15-year long journey. Exactly 15 years ago, we began workings with guest students in Turkey. UDEF as an umbrella organization has, 64 international student associations in 25 provinces in 75 cities in our country with a cooperation activities with 45 thousand guest student.Our contact with thousands of people through our dozens partner institutions overseas has made us a great organization.

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4.8ºE / 5.0ºE TOTAL ACCESS

4.8ºE / 5.0ºE Satellite serves 52 million satellites, cable and IPTV viewers in Europe. This represents 46% of all TV houses in Nordic, Baltic and Eastern Europe.

4.8ºE / 5.0ºE Satellites, 7 million satellites were directly serviced to TV viewers. This represented 75% of all FTA TV houses in Nordic, Baltic and Eastern Europe.

The 4.8ºE / 5.0ºE Satellite serves indirectly 52% of all cable TV houses and 29% of all IPTV homes in Europe.

The 4.8ºE / 5.0ºE Satellite serves 27 million HD TV households in Europe. Reaches 49% of HDTV homes in Nordic, Baltic and Eastern Europe.